There are a lot of RSS apps out there ranging from the command line tools to sleek interfaces on the Apple Vision Pro.

I started with Google Reader (RIP 2013-07-01), which was very good!

I migrated for a few years to Feedly and now I use FreshRSS.

If you are RSS curious, I recommend Feedly.

  • Cross platform, they have an app on Android, iOS, and web.
  • Discovering RSS Feeds is intuitive and can be guided by broad “topics” e.g. music, computers, business, current events
  • Free tier

Install it, add some feeds based on your favorite topics, and maybe add some websites you frequent as well. Feedly does a good job of discovering RSS feeds just based on the website’s URL, so just plopping that into the app or just searching by the site’s name usually is sufficient.

Use it like you use news apps or social media. Scroll through and click on things, share them.

The powerful part of RSS is the ability to take your feeds with you when you want to try a new application.