I wrote an article on my Linkedin (LinkedIn?) back in 2019 about the struggles I had migrating domain names for my hobby cat website.

There were some issues I ran into regarding the database naming things specific to the domain (that I am sure I was the root cause of).

I have since removed that site because of costs and time commitments. I learned a lot, to be honest, from managing it. And I realize whatever you put out in the world is always a liability that will take effort to maintain.

Also I learned DNS is hard. It is a piece of technology cobbled together from a bunch of other systems that are held together by the good will of corporations and individuals. So it takes time for changes to propagate. I am used to making changes, running my code, and reacting. DNS does not let you do that because it is complex.

Something I find myself saying (especially to my kids) is that things take time and DNS is a prime example of that.